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We are so excited to kick off the Lincoln Parish Schools Making Time for Reading initiative! This program is part of our reading curriculum from American Reading Company often referred to as the 100 Book Challenge. We are challenging our Kindergarten through Second-grade readers to log 100+ hours of reading by the end of the year!

The goal of Lincoln Parish Schools is for every student to demonstrate grade-level proficiency in reading by the end of Second grade. It is our belief that students improve their reading skills through reading practice. This is why the amount of time spent reading is so important! The best thing parents can do to support their child’s reading proficiency is to set aside time every day for reading practice. Reading to your child and listening to them read will develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime!

Students will come home each night with one or more books and a reading log to complete. All you have to do is set at least 15 minutes each day for them to practice reading. At the end of their reading time, help them complete the reading log for their teacher to record. Every 15 minutes of reading equals 1 Step. Each student’s goal is to record 4 Steps each day – 3 Steps at school and 1 Step at home.


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  • Be your child’s home reading coach.

  • Provide the time and opportunity for your child to read his or her 100 Book Challenge book(s) every day.

  • Make sure your child has a relaxed, comfortable place to read. Try creating a "reading nook" that is their go-to place to curl up with a good book!

  •  Listen to your child read. Let him or her hold the book. Encourage them to read to a younger sibling.

  • Sign your child’s log after he or she reads. Each line is 15 minutes of reading.

  • Stay in contact with your child’s teacher about his or her reading progress.

  • Keep it fun.  Encourage your child to read a variety of different books

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